How to Stay Grounded During Uncertain Times

Hi loves!

I haven’t been on here much this past year, as I’ve been focusing more on my podcast and other ventures but I really miss writing and connecting with you all via this platform. <3 2020 has been such a wild ride for us all & I know for me, personally, it’s been really hard to stay focused and grounded. I wanted to share some of my top tips that always help when I’m feeling anxious, fearful, sad, or whenever it’s hard for me to stay focused.

My top tips for staying grounded

  1. Put your phone on airplane mode before bed & don’t turn it off of airplane mode in the AM until you’ve had a full morning routine- Meditating/prayer, making your bed, making a cup of tea or coffee and maybe even reading a book!
  2. Go outside once a day– Go for a walk around your neighborhood, go to the beach and dip your toes in the water, or simply sit outside on your patio. Being outdoors and getting some sunlight in daily always helps uplift our mood and feel more connected to ourselves
  3. Take your socks and shoes off and walk around barefoot outside- Doing this for a few minutes a day really helps me stay grounded and connected to the earth beneath me.
  4. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe- Breathing deep and intentional breathes throughout the day is so simple yet SO vital to our health & wellbeing, yet we forget to use this free and easily accessible tool all the time! Take a pause whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed throughout the day to close your eyes and just breathe.
  5. Stay off of social media as much as possible- This is a BIG one! Constantly staying connected to our social media accounts can be really overwhelming, draining, and take us out of the present moment. If you find it hard to stay off of social media, put your phone on airplane mode throughout the day, temporarily delete your apps from your phone, or put your phone in the other room.
  6. Take the time to nourish your body throughout the day- This one is SO important. Food not only nourishes us, but helps us stay grounded and calm. If we forget to eat throughout the day, we throw our whole nervous system out of whack (especially if we drink caffeine too!) I like eating warmer foods when I’m feeling like I’m out of my body and my mind is floating up in the clouds (this happens to me a lot since I’m an air sign;) ) Warm, cooked foods tend to ground us more than raw, cooler foods.
  7. Do one self-care activity a day- Whether it’s throwing on a face mask, doing your makeup simply to uplift your spirit, baking something yummy, or watching trash reality T.V. , pick one small self-care activity to do for yourself every day.
  8. Smell some essential oils or a candle- Scents automatically help ground us and bring us back to the present moment. I’ve been using a ton of essential oils lately (in my diffuser, on my body, or simply just smelling them out of the bottle) to help calm me down. If you’re not a fan of essential oils or simply don’t have any, try lighting a candle or some palo santo!
  9. Call a loved one daily- Choose one friend or family member to call daily or every other day to catch up. Making sure we squeeze in time for connection with those closest to us really helps calm us down and remind us of what’s important.
  10. Move your body- Whether that’s taking a yoga class, doing some stretches at home, going for a walk, doing an intense workout, or even having sex, moving your body on a daily basis is so important to release pent up emotions that are stored in the body.
  11. Pray- Prayer is just one of those things that helps always, at any time, in any place, during any situation. When you’re lost, confused, anxious, or out of focus, just pray. <3

I hope these tips helped you my angels! Sending you so much love, light and healing