Hi! I'm Rachel Katz

As a Wellness Embodiment Coach, Nutrition Scientist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Founder of The Full Life, my mission is to help elevate the world in its pursuit of health & happiness.  I teach individuals and companies how to heal their mind, body, spirit and team so they can experience true fulfillment as they set and achieve their goals. 

Years ago I learned to conquer my inner chaos. I ditched the fear, stress, shame and regret surrounding my desires and chose a path to inner peace, elevation and fulfillment. Maybe you’ve tried it all and think you’ve had enough, truth is, there is so much more to life than what you’re currently settling for.

When you make time to connect with your mind, body & soul a peaceful path leading to a lifetime of fulfillment reveals itself to you, true happiness starts here. 

How I care for my gut health – a Nutritionist’s top tips!

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