My Philosophy

I believe that everyone’s body works differently, and that no diet is one size fits all. What works for one person might not work for someone else, and it’s so important that we tune in to our bodies and listen to what it’s asking for. I also don’t believe in any fad diets or labeling; both lead to restriction which I am completely against. I believe in eating a balanced diet filled with colorful, organic, unprocessed, real, healthy foods from every food group, as well as the occasional treat. I eat healthy 80% of the time, and treat myself the other 20%, which I believe is necessary in order to live a happy, enjoyable, and balanced lifestyle.

I, personally, eat 4-5 small meals a day, and each of my meals and snacks contain a healthy source of protein, fat, and carbs. I eat mostly plants, but I also eat good quality eggs, fish, chicken and dairy products. I don’t eat/drink refined sugar, gluten, refined carbs, alcohol, or anything fried on a regular basis, but I also make sure that I treat myself a few times a week. I make all of my meals and snacks from scratch in my own home, but I also eat out a few times a week. I don’t restrict myself completely from ANY food group/item, and ever since doing so, I have been craving/wanting unhealthy foods less and less. It took me years to finally find the right diet for my body, and I strongly encourage experimenting until you find yours!

When people hear the world “healthy”, they usually think of the words “boring”, “uninteresting”, “bland” or “not tasty”, but this is so not true! Eating healthy means not giving up any of your favorite foods, but rather learning how to make healthier versions of them, which is my true passion. I want to show all of you how delicious, fun, and rewarding a healthy lifestyle can be. Food should be used as medicine, but it should also be enjoyable.

Eating healthy foods is extremely important, but doing that alone won’t make you happier or healthier. I also strongly encourage finding an enjoyable exercise routine, meditating daily, practicing yoga, spending time outdoors, resting on a regular basis, getting rid of toxic people and situations in your life, staying true to yourself, pursuing your passions and spending time with the people you love.

Move your body, sleep eight hours a night, meditate, make time for the people and things you love, laugh, nourish your body and mind, develop a healthy relationship with food and yourself, eat colorful, clean, real foods and you will feel your best- I promise you. <3