My Fav New Wine- FitVine!

I’ve been staying away from gluten & sugar as much as I possibly can during the past few months, and I have so much more energy and clarity than I did during the start of quarantine. It can be really hard to stay away from both if you have no idea about all of the healthy alternatives out there! That’s why I’m obsessed with researching and trying out different products for you guys so I can share with you all the absolute best, and make it easier for you on your health journey✨

I love a good glass of wine (espesh Rose) at the end of a busy day, but most wines out there are pretty high in carbs/sugars! That’s why I’m so happy I recently discovered Fit Vine Wines – it’s low in Sugar, Carbs and overall calories. It also has fewer tannins, no flavor additives, and tastes just as yum as any other bottle of wine. I love how it’s tailored towards those who are active, have dietary restrictions, or are just looking for a healthier option- it’s totally “The Full Life” approved 😉

My roomie and one of our bestie’s celebrated our move into a new apartment the other night with a glass of FitVine and everyone loved it! We are all super health conscious and don’t drink (too much;) ) alcohol, but still love to enjoy a glass of wine together. We all loved that this bottle of Rose tasted just like any other but is way healthier and guilt-free; seriously the perfect drink to have at any girl’s night! 

Check out FitVine Wines the next time you’re at Walmart or Whole Foods and let me know what you think!
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