My Top Tips for Healthy, Strong Hair

  1. Vitamin E- foods high in vitamin E, like sunflowers and almonds, contribute to healthy, strong hair and glowing skin. An easy way to incorporate these foods on a daily basis is to add a spoon full of sunflower seeds to your morning smoothie, oatmeal or yogurt. I also love sprinkling sunflower seeds or almonds on my salads for lunch!
  2. A good quality hair, skin, and nail supplement- my favorite is the one by New Chapter
  3. Omega 3’s- either in supplement form (Nordic Naturals is my fav) or from wild-caught fish (salmon is my fav!), chia seeds and algae
  4. De-stress- lots of stress can cause a depletion of nutrients in our body, including the nutrients that contribute to healthy hair. That’s why when we’re stressed, it’s normal for our hair to thin out or start to fall out more noticeably. Some of my favorite ways to de-stress are going for a walk in nature, putting my phone on airplane mode and journaling or reading a book, and going to a yoga class. Some supplements that help me reduce my stress levels are CBD, l-theanine, ashwaganda, holy basil and magnesium glycinate.
  5. A good quality hair mask- Ever since dying my hair, I use a nourishing and hydrating hair mask every single time I wash my hair to make sure my hair doesn’t dry out. Some of my favorite brands are Raw Sugar and Giovanni
  6. Healthy fats- healthy fats in our diet contribute to healthy hormones, which in turn contribute to healthy hair. Eating foods like avocado, coconut, organic butter, raw nuts, and olives ensures that our hair grows healthy and strong.

These are just some of my simple and easy-to-follow tips- let me know if it’s helped you in the comments below <3