How to Practice Letting Go

Letting go is a daily practice, and it is something that will never ever be easy for us to do. As humans, we naturally love holding onto things, even small things, and change is always a difficult thing for us to process; however, we can make it a little bit easier for ourselves by practicing letting go of small things on a daily basis.

It used to be SO hard for me to let go of even the smallest of things. If someone changed plans on me last minute, it would ruin my whole day. If someone didn’t text me back or suddenly left my life, I’d go into a downwards spiral & freak out for days. If I lost something, it felt like the end of the world; Even sharing my food with others was hard for me! Now, I never fret about any of these things because I understand that these things are out of my control and are all happening FOR me, not against me. If I lose something, it’s because something better will replace it. If someone leaves my life or doesn’t text me back, it’s because God is protecting me. If plans get canceled, it’s because I’m meant to be doing something else instead. And the more I share/give away, the more will come back my way. Anything I let go of will come back to me tenfold.

It took me a WHILE to get to this point, and it’s still hard for me to let go of the bigger things; it’s something I have to work on every single day. Once we incorporate letting go into our daily routine, however, it gets easier and easier to do. Here are some ways to start practicing letting go-

  1. Constantly give things away. If you brought a snack to work, share some with your coworkers. Give great tips to those who give you good service wherever you go. Buy little presents for your family and friends. Give food away to the homeless. Just give whenever you can!
  2. If you lose something small, practice not even worrying or stressing out about it. Take a few deep breathes and just let it go. Don’t even think about it anymore
  3. If your plans with someone get cancelled, don’t be upset- be happy! Take the opportunity to spend time with yourself. Go on a hike/walk alone, go to a workout class, take yourself shopping, read a book, or better yet get some work done! Every time someone cancels plans with you God is giving you another opportunity to work on your goals
  4. Don’t plan things out so far ahead- just focus on each DAY at a time. Let go of how you think things should look or where you think your life is going to take you and just be open to all of the surprises a long the way
  5. Each morning, give every person in your life over to God. If you met someone you see as a potential love interest, give them over to God. If you’re in a confusing place with someone you love, give them over to God. If someone angered you at work, give them over to God. Don’t attach yourself to anyone- give every relationship over to God and let him decide the outcome. <3

These are just a few of the ways you can practice letting go. I promise you that when we let go of the small things on a daily basis, life just gets SO much easier and lighter.

With all my love,