How Strengthening My Faith Has Changed My Life

I have always had a close relationship with God, since I was a little girl, but the past few years I seemed to have disconnected a bit. I used to pray every night before going to bed and when waking up, but stopped that routine for about a year or two. It wasn’t until I was literally at a breaking point in my life, that I realized how much I need God and how nothing will ever compare to the love that God has for me. Strengthening my faith again and becoming closer than ever to God has truly saved me, and I hope that this post will inspire even one of you to turn to God again if you’ve forgotten him.

This past year was the most challenging and draining year of my life, and I truly couldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for my daily conversations with God. He’s been there to comfort me when I felt completely alone, he’s been there to protect me when I’m not taking care of myself, and most importantly he’s been there to love me when it felt as if no one else did, even myself. Life is hard- there’s simply no way around that. It’s also magical and breathtaking and absolutely extraordinary too. But in general, life just gets better when you have God by your side. He gives you strength, he gives you purpose, he gives you peace, he gives you hope, he gives you joy, and he fills you up with a love far greater than anyone else ever could. He also reminds you to always stay true to yourself, no matter how hard that can be sometimes. In this world where so many of us are so lost, God is always there to guide you and give you direction again. When you communicate with him, and when you listen to him, there is nothing in this world that you cannot do and there is no struggle you won’t be able to overcome.

Without God I would not have been able to make it through everything I went through and still be happy and positive with a loving heart. God has given me the strength to make really brave and strong choices because I know that he is guiding me and that no matter how hard things might be at the moment, they will turn out better than I can even comprehend. I love to be super vulnerable and open with you guys, but there are some things I believe everyone should keep to themselves. I won’t get into too much detail on here, but I’ve literally gone through more ups and downs this past year than I ever thought I could handle in a lifetime. It’s been emotionally, mentally, and physically draining, but everyday I choose to rise above my current circumstances because of the fact that I constantly feel God’s presence around me enveloping me and cheering me on. Without him I know I’d be helpless and depressed and a mess at the moment, but that’s impossible for too long when you choose to accept him into your life.

God will test you over and over again until you show him that you’re ready to surrender and trust in the path that he has for you. I received many tests from him & wasn’t willing to listen, until I literally almost died one night and he saved me. He reminded me that he truly always has my back, even if it feels like he doesn’t and I’m scared to trust in him. I have a big purpose here on earth or else I wouldn’t be here, and I needed a HUGE wake up call to remind me of that.

Life is so much bigger than what we think it is, than our day to day routine. We wouldn’t be here on this earth if we didn’t have a big purpose or mission to fulfill here, and unfortunately, we can’t fulfill that mission fully without any help from God and the angels he sends us for guidance. Surrendering to God means surrendering to a greater purpose, and there is nothing more fulfilling in life than just that. I know you’ve been hurt, I know you’ve been broken, and I know you’ve been through hell and back. But no matter how many times you’ve ignored him, turned your back on him, or forgotten about him, God has always been there for you. He always will be. And he’s always ready to unconditionally love you and accept you with open arms. How awesome is that??


xx Rachel