My Thoughts on Manifestation

There is SO much out there now on the law of attraction and manifestation that it can get a little bit confusing and overwhelming, so I wanted to share my opinion about it with you all and give you a simpler take on the whole thing.

I got SUPER into studying the law of attraction a little over a year ago, and for a while I was OBSESSED. I listened to the original law of attraction books by Abraham Hicks about 5 times each (not over exaggerating lol) and watched movies on it, took some courses on it, and listened to probably about a hundred podcasts on the topic. It got to the point where I gave myself anxiety over it because I put way too much pressure on myself to “think the most perfect thoughts” at all times. I also thought I needed to heal from very traumatic things ASAP so that I could be “happy” and attract everything that I wanted. I would do visualization exercises everyday and thought I needed to be super specific about everything, including what exact type of partner I wanted and what exactly my career would look like, and I would get down on myself if I didn’t do it “correctly”. I would make sure to use crystals, palo santo, & oils as well and if I didn’t have all of those with me I thought it “wouldn’t work”. I then decided that there must be another way to all of this manifesting stuff because what I was taught just wasn’t working for me, and I committed myself to figuring it out on my own.

It was around that same time that I got closer to God again and deepened my faith. I realized that my manifestation “practices” were just another way to try and control my life, which I honestly will never ever have control over no matter how much I want to! I’ve struggled with being a control freak my whole life, and as I’m sure you all know, none of us have control over anything accept our inner world and our perspective on everything we go through. I truly believe that our soul came here on a mission and planned everything out before hand, and that we are meant to go through everything we go through to learn what we are supposed to learn! It’s truly as simple as that. I also believe that God knows exactly what’s best for us and what will make us the happiest, and he’s the one controlling it all. Once I decided to let go and give God complete control over my life, that’s when everything began to shift.

I never in my life could have ever predicted the happiest moments and the best things that have ever happened to me. Most of the craziest and unexpected things that came into my life were things I DIDN’T EVEN THINK I WANTED! And guess what? They were all better than anything I could have “visualized”. They happened because I constantly worked on my inner self to keep elevating my energy and heal negative patterns/thoughts/cycles. They also happened because I gave my trust over to God; I had no idea what was to come but I just believed in my heart that good things were coming and they did. Sometimes we think we know what we want, but God will give us something even BETTER, something we never even thought was possible. He knows our deepest desires and we don’t have to spend so much time listing them out and figuring out all of the details- that’s his job<3

Of course I believe in the law of attraction and manifestation; we are co-creators of our life along with God. But it’s not as complicated as we make it out to be. All we need to do are these simple things-

  • work on raising our vibration & keeping our energy positive
  • strengthen and deepen our relationship with God
  • listen to our soul and intuition and let it guide us
  • go with the flow, stop resisting change, and let go of the illusion that we have control over everything
  • work with God, pray on a daily basis and have absolute faith in him
  • live life true to ourselves and not the life that society thinks we need to live
  • Work on changing our subconscious beliefs to beliefs that serve us on a daily basis
  • be patient with our healing and learning process and know that we don’t have to be “happy” all of the time to manifest good things into our lives, we just have to be positive and believe that better things our coming our way, that everything happens for a reason, and that God always has our back
  • work on bettering ourselves daily and healing old traumas, patterns, thoughts & beliefs that don’t serve us anymore
  • get in touch with our feelings and emotions instead of trying to escape them- we can only heal and move on to better when we allow ourselves to FEEL
  • setting intentions weekly
  • know that we are meant to experience certain things and look at everything we go through as a learning experience rather than something “bad” that is happening “to us”- everything is always happening for us.
  • meditate daily to reconnect with your soul and your heart and what is real.
  • do daily visualizations- these are not supposed to be super specific. Just tap into what it would “feel” like if you had everything you’ve ever wanted rather than exactly what it needs to look like. let God surprise you with the details!

Now I manifest travel experiences, money, career opportunities, high vibe people, happiness, peace, joy, love, adventures, & unexpected beautiful experiences by working on believing that I deserve all of these things and not focusing too much on what it has to look like exactly or how it will come to me. It’s important to have a vision but it’s best to look at things with the mindset of- “I really want this thing IF it is meant for me. I trust that something better will come along if I don’t get this specific thing and I trust that life is always working out in my favor”. We ALL deserve the absolute best & most magical things and are capable of manifesting them into our life- we just need to let Go and let GOD.

I could go on about this topic forever but I just wanted to give you a general idea on my thoughts based on personal experience. let me know below if you want me to dive deeper into the law of attraction and manifestation in future blog posts <3