My Favorite Self-love Practices

In honor of Valentine’s Day on the 14th, I wanted to encourage you (whether single or in a relationship) to make sure to take a little time for self-care this week. Here are some of my favorite self-love/self-care practices-

  1. Go for a walk/jog in nature or take a restorative yoga class
  2. Take a warm bath with lavender and epsom salt
  3. Drink a glass of wine or smoke some weed and cook yourself a nice meal
  4. Take yourself out for a day at the spa
  5. Put on a face mask and read one of your favorite books or watch your favorite show/movie
  6. Take yourself out for some frozen yogurt or ice cream
  7. Write down a list of things you want to manifest and spend time visualizing them
  8. Have a naked dance party in your bedroom
  9. Go buy yourself a cute outfit
  10. Go to the beach alone and soak up the sun

Sending you so much love!!