My Thoughts on Cannabis

By now you all know that I’m pretty much an open book, and my opinion on cannabis is something I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while. DISCLAIMER- I’m by no means a doctor and I am not promoting anything in any way, shape or form; I’m simply giving you my opinion and want to share my experiences with you all.

My first experience smoking weed was in high school- I tried it a few times and I never really understood what the fuss was all about. I decided right then and there that smoking just wasn’t for me. Flash forward to a few years later (about two or three years ago), I was introduced to it again by my boyfriend at the time. I realized that I was never really smoking it right before and never truly got very high, so this new experience was totally different; I looooved it! For someone like me who struggled with being a control freak pretty much all my life, it was SO nice to feel free in a sense and to feel comfortable in my own skin. From that moment on I would smoke with him once or twice a week- we would go on hikes or to parks and smoke and talk about life & conspiracy theories & the universe & alllll of those magical things. Then we would eat a LOT (haha) and just enjoy being together. I also started smoking with some of my best friends around the same time- we would get together after school, smoke, eat good food and talk about life. I don’t have an addictive personality so I never got addicted to it, and I never felt like I had to smoke to have fun or to calm my anxiety or to feel like myself. But I did enjoy it responsibly and loved the way it made me feel.

Incorporating cannabis into my lifestyle has helped me in SO many ways. First of all, it really was the final step in healing my relationship with food. I’m by no means saying that in order to fully recover from disordered eating you have to smoke cannabis, but I would highly recommend it. Smoking weed helped me feel 100% comfortable eating a bunch of food, without any thoughts of guilt during or afterwards. It helped me enjoy “junk” food that in the past, I would never allow myself to eat. Obviously, overindulging when you have the munchies can be a bad thing if you’re doing it all the time; however, for someone who was always so strict with her diet and so hard on herself, it was exactly what I needed.

Smoking weed has also helped me in expressing all of the thoughts that go on in my head, since that is something I struggle with. I’m someone who has a million thoughts a minute and basically lives in her head, but struggles with speaking up and saying what’s on her mind. Certain types of weed also help me get out of my head and anxious thoughts and into my body and my soul. I’m in my head pretty much always (I’m an air sign!) so I also really enjoy using weed during sex. It helps me stay fully present in the moment and really feel every sensation that’s going on in my body. It also heightens every feeling which makes it 10x better 😉

Besides the fact that I used to be a control freak, I also used to be a workaholic and would go go go every second of every day. I was always living in the future and didn’t know how to just enjoy the present moment. Smoking really helped me learn how to be okay with relaxing and enjoying myself without having to think about the future. It also taught me that I don’t have to always be DOING something and that just BEING is enough.

I’ve always had an open mind, but I love how weed really helps in expanding your consciousness and bringing you closer to yourself in a way. By getting rid of those egotistical thoughts of fear that we all struggle with, it really helps you think about things and speak about things that are true to YOU. It makes you aware- of yourself, of the universe, and of what’s really important. It also really unleashes your creativity and helps in completing creative projects and thinking outside the box. Unlike alcohol, that moves you farther away from yourself and makes you do things and say things that are so unlike yourself, I find that weed helps you speak what is actually on your mind without being nervous or afraid to do so. Alcohol is SO harmful to our consciousness and bodies and has absolutely no health benefits at all! It’s truly terrifying how our society glorifies something that is so awful for us while demonizing something that can be so beneficial to us when used properly.

If you’re a women and struggle with cramps and crankiness during that time of the month, then I also highly recommend smoking just one hit of indica to calm your symptoms instead of taking advil or any other artificial pill. Weed is actually great for any type of physical pain, such as nausea or cramps, and any type of mental pain, like anxiety or depression. I am in NO WAY saying that weed can treat any health issue, or should be used instead of medication prescribed by your doctor, but it is a nice method to help ease certain ailments.

I don’t smoke as often anymore, but I do smoke occasionally when I feel like it. I believe it has helped me expand my mind and consciousness so much that I don’t even really need it anymore. I absolutely think that it can be WAY overused as well, and anything used in access can be harmful. I used to smoke only once or twice a week, but even that is way too much for me nowadays since I find that it leads me to feeling extremely tired and under-productive the next day. It also makes me want to eat, a LOT, and I really don’t need that anymore since I already have a beautiful relationship with food and with my body. I’ve learned so much from this magical plant already and am in such a good headspace most of the time that I simply don’t need or want to use it that much anymore. When I do use it, however, I loveeeee using vape pens. Stick E Vape is my favorite brand (I love mendo breathe!) and I like using it more than the actual flower since it’s way more mild and less intense. I can smoke a few hits and feel totally chillin, not starving, totally in control and be in the most beautiful meditative and creative headspace. If I smoke the actual flower, I can smoke one or two hits and feel verrrry high and starving and lazy lol.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience with this beautiful plant and again, always do your own research before experimenting with it. Just because it has been beneficial to me doesn’t mean it will be for you! And never overuse it either- take care of your beautiful bod always. <3


Much love,