A Little Lesson in Letting Go

So I recorded a podcast earlier this week about letting go and surrendering with Annie Altman of “True Shit” (which is coming out on Tuesday- can’t wait for you babes to listen!!) and this theme seems to be following me around all week. Today I had another test on what it means to truly let go that I wanted to share with you all.

Today I had a perfect idea in my head about how my day was gonna go. I was going to go get my eyebrows done, go get some sponsored items from Sprouts that I needed to review, go to my naturopath, get some work done and go to my favorite yoga class. I ran to Sprouts after my eyebrow appt. and picked up the sponsored items. When I went to pay, the lady at the cashier didn’t know how to work the coupons that I had for these items and, truthfully, wasn’t interested in helping me at all. I was already running late to see my naturopath, so I asked someone in the store to save my items so I could come back and figure it out right after. I was still late to my appt. and had to be rushed through, but I let it slide and went home to eat something and chill for a bit.

I drove all the way to Sprouts for the second time that day, and when I got there no one could find my saved items. I picked them all up really quickly again since I pretty much remembered where I got everything, and went to pay. This time, someone else was helping me out but she STILL couldn’t figure out how to use the coupons and kept making snarky remarks at me about how they don’t give away that much free product ever. No one wanted to help me out, not even the manager, and the vibe was just super negative. I didn’t get how I had coupons on the Sprouts app yet no one there could figure out how to use them?! Once again, I had to run out of the store empty handed to make it to my yoga class. I ended up getting there 8 mins late, and when I did, there were no more parking spots left in the lot. There was a parking lot right next to it reserved for the cleaners, but no one was parked in any of the spots so I went in to ask if I could park in one of them for my yoga class. The girl working there was snarky and basically said no (even though she totally could have let me park there) and I realized that if I tried looking for a parking space, I’d be 15 min late. Since it’s obviously very rude to walk into a class that late, I decided to go home and just relax in the jacuzzi after a longggg day of driving to places and not getting anything done.

It took me another 20 minutes to get home with traffic, and I finally got ready to go to the jacuzzi and reflect/let go of all of the stress of my day when I saw that there were three other people there (and FYI, there’s never ever people in my jacuzzi!!) Again, I had to just let go of the fact that I wanted to be alone and deal with it. I stayed for a little to chat with my neighbors, took a shower, and had to rush to meet a friend for a work date. Basically, I had no time to breathe all day and it felt super unproductive and I feel tired just thinking about it lol

My point in telling you all this is is that letting go is something we have to practice doing literally every. single.day. Just when we think we’ve “let go” and “surrendered” we will be presented with another test, big or small. I had to practice letting go all day today- I let go of negative energy from others, I let go of my expectation to be on time to my appointments, I let go of getting my daily workout in, I let go of any annoyance that came with wasting my energy and time, and I simply let go of how I thought my day was going to be, simply because I had no choice but to surrender.

We truly can’t control anything in life, no matter how badly we want to. All we can control is how we react to things, big or small. We can either choose to go with the flow, surrender, and be happy anyways or we can choose to let our outer circumstances control us. Which will you choose today?