What I learned on my trip to Puerto Vallarta June 2018

My trip to Puerto Vallarta a few weeks ago was mainly for work, but it also came at the perfect time when I needed to get away for a bit to heal my mind, body and soul. I used the free time I had to really focus on healing myself and feeling good again, and it was such a therapeutic experience overall. Through healing circles, meditation, journaling, reading, and long, deep convos with Tali, I learned SO much in such a short period of time that I thought it would be completely selfish not to share with you all!!

The most important things I learned on my trip:

1. Being fully present is a blessing- this is something I’ve struggled with my WHOLE life! I’ve always made it a goal to be fully present in each and every moment but I was never actually able to achieve it until now and it feels fucking incredible. Sometimes, you have to get knocked down into the darkness in order to fully wake up and realize how essential to your well-being living in the present really is. I can truly say I enjoyed every moment of my trip and I have absolutely no regrets; every time I feel myself thinking too much into the future or into the past, I take myself back to this moment and remember how good it feels to live in the present.

2. Pain can be beautiful- YES, pain completely and utterly sucks,  but it also is so magical at the same time! Pain forces us to grow and to look deep within ourselves in order to become a better person. In a way, pain teaches us who we really are. Do you remember all of those times you were in a dark place you thought you’d never get out of? And how much better, happier, stronger, and wiser you were once you did? That is PROOF that their is beauty within our struggles.

3. Being my authentic self will always attract the right people into my life- I have always felt like an old soul and an alien living in a human body (lol) and I felt like I never really fit in. Then I realized that it was this mindset of “not fitting in anywhere” and “not finding anyone who gets it” that was really holding me back! Once you fall in love with your amazing self and are proud of being who you are, you will attract others who match your vibe and love you for your true, authentic self. It’s then, and only then, that you will find your tribe. <3

4. Take things day by day- it’s okay not to know what will happen in a year from now, in a month from now, or even in a week from now! I used to be a chronic perfectionist & wanted to know exactly what my life would look like every single day. I hated change and have always tried to control my life. As I’m sure you all know, controlling your life and trying to figure it all out is simply impossible. Once you learn to let go, live in the present, and trust that the best is yet to come, everything flows more smoothly.

5.Everything I want is already mine- Everything you want really is already yours, you just have to be patient enough, trusting enough, and willing to receive it. You have to believe that you are worthy of it and believe that it is coming to you and it will!

6.I will receive and achieve everything I want in life, I just need to enjoy the journey and be patient- infinite patience= immediate results. By worrying, you are only slowing down the process. As I said before, everything you want is already yours; you just have to be patient enough and believing enough in order to receive it.

7.Celebrate others success and be happy for others- I used to think that if someone else achieved a goal that I wanted to achieve, that there was less room for me to achieve this goal, and let me tell ya, that is complete BS! The universe is filled with INFINITE abundance and there is room for every single one of us to achieve all that we desire. By you getting jealous or envious of someone else’s happiness and success, you are actually delaying your own. Once we learn to praise and to be genuinely happiness for other’s success, that is when our success will flow to us so much easier and faster.

8. Smile and laugh more- sometimes, I tend to get into serious work mode for months at a time and just take life too seriously; life is too short for any of that! We should never take life too seriously and should make sure to smile and laugh every day, multiple times a day;) Even if you think you have nothing to smile or laugh about, do it anyways! The universe will pick up on this vibration and start sending you things that will genuinely make you smile and laugh a ton.

9. Do more things that scare me and get out of my comfort zone- I did so many things that I normally wouldn’t do during this trip, like speak Spanish whenever I could. I studied Spanish for five years and can understand pretty much everything, but was always too nervous/shy/embarrassed to actually speak it. I decided to push myself to speak it whenever I could during my trip and I realized that I’m actually good at it! Nothing good ever comes out of staying in our comfort zone and getting out of it always makes life more fun 🙂

10. Choose to lead with love over fear, always- You do know that fear is a made up concept, right? When we fear something, we are fearing the unknown and making up fearful situations and thoughts and stories in our head. Nothing good ever comes from living our life in fear, and even if it’s hard, choosing to live our life through love and faith instead makes life so much more magical.

These are just some of the amazing concepts I learned and/or was re-introduced to during my trip and I hope they could help even one of you all. <3 Have a beautiful weekend!