Why Feeling Extra Emotional is a Good Thing

I am a super emotional person in general, but sometimes I go through phases where I’m extra emotional for weeks and I don’t even understand what’s happening to me. I go through random weeks at a time where I’ll just feel like crying for no reason, feel so lost, feel so unbalanced, and feel like everything is going wrong. I used to hate these periods of my life, because I never understood them, but now that I’ve realized why this happens, I’ve learned to embrace them.

I find that whenever I go through a super emotional period in my life (and NO, I don’t mean my menstruation cycle haha) something really good always comes right after. Strong emotions tend to symbolize growth, and it took me a while to realize this. You have to feel in order to grow and change, even if you’re not really sure why or what you’re feeling exactly. Releasing old emotions, crying, and taking the time to slow down and tune into your emotions allows you to move on from certain periods of your life in order to enter the next one.

So now when I go through these weird periods of wanting to cry all the time, I embrace my tears. I smile back at them because I know that whatever I’m feeling is totally normal and healthy. I try not to find a “reason” for them, and try to just be in the moment. I spend more time tuning in, slowing down, journaling, and writing to help release whatever I’m feeling in the moment. Most importantly, I tell myself that only good things are coming my way, because they are.


Hope you all have a fab weekend and take some time to tune into your emotions this week