How To Stop Stressing About Gaining Weight During Vacation

For years and years, whenever I would go on vacation for two weeks or longer, I would go into total stress mode about the fact that I would probably gain some weight. I knew that I’d be leaving my whole workout routine behind and my normal way of eating, and I didn’t want to suddenly gain twenty pounds (which, realistically, could never happen) and come home looking like a totally different, miserable person. For the past five years at least, I remember not being able to fully enjoy my vacation because I’d be constantly worried about how much food I was eating, what I was eating, and if I could find time to fit in a workout. I would not only stress myself out, but everyone around me out because I had to make sure we ate somewhere that had something “acceptable” for me to eat or I just wouldn’t eat at all. I would also feel guilty if I wanted to eat something that I “shouldn’t” be eating and if I didn’t want to workout (btw, not working out or wanting to on vacation is TOTALLY normal and completely acceptable).

Thankfully, since healing my relationship with food, that is totally in the past. However, I am still on a constant journey (and probably always will be) with finding balance in my healthy lifestyle and learning how to let go of any food and body-image insecurities. This is probably my seventh but longest trip I’ve been on since really healing my broken relationship with food, so I wanted to share with you all some of my biggest tips that have helped me now and in the past when any negative thoughts about my body-image or my food choices arise during traveling.

My top five tips: (+ one extra 😉 )

  1. Try to take your yoga practice with you wherever you go. Whether it’s a few minutes of meditation each morning and before bed, a few yoga poses each day or a full on class, try doing  a few minutes at least each day to keep you grounded and mindful.
  2. Eat whatever the hell you want- in MODERATION. Moderation is literally KEY to living a healthy lifestyle. If I could give someone one tip on how to live a healthier lifestyle I’d tell them this-don’t deny yourself of anything, just eat what your body is craving when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. So enjoy a few bites of that gelato, enjoy a few bites of that delicious cake your aunt made you, and enjoy the hell out of that glass of wine.
  3. Let go of your routine– you literally have 365 days in a year, is letting go of your routine for 15 or even 30 of those days gonna kill you? Definitely not.
  4. Workout when you can and when your body needs it. I don’t ever “plan” my workouts or a workout routine when I’m on vacation, but I try to fit it in whenever feels comfortable for me. For example, the first few days of my current vacation I was completely exhausted, so even though I had some time to do an at-home workout I decided to rest instead. Then, today, I went to a pilates class and ran on the treadmill a bit with my aunt and my cousin, because I felt like my body craved it and because I was still able to spend time with my family I only get to see once a year while doing it. On top of that, I naturally walk a lot and make sure to stretch in my room a bit in the morning or before bed. I don’t stress over needing to workout, but If I feel like my body is asking for it, I do an at-home yoga practice, an at-home HIIT workout, a class at a local gym if available to me, or a walk outside wherever I am- it really is that simple!
  5. Listen to your body- usually, vacation means letting go of all our daily responsibilities, which gives us an undeniable amount of free time and absolutely no excuses when it comes to making sure to listen to our body. Our bodies are so smart- make sure to tune into them, especially when on vacation. You will find that you won’t be craving all of the junk food you probably thought you would and that you will actually enjoy waking up early once in a while to go for a run outside or practice some yoga.
  6. Repeat these phrases every morning and every night before bed- My body is beautiful. My body is so worthy. I will treat my body nicely today and everyday. I will take care of my body and treat it with the love and respect it deserves. My weight won’t fluctuate when I’m on vacation and I won’t gain any weight. I will look in the mirror every morning and love what I see.

I really really hope this helps you as much as it helps me and I hope that you will carry these tips around with you wherever you go! Happy travels!