Why You Don’t Have to Practice Yoga in order to Meditate

While I don’t understand how someone can NOT be in love with yoga (it’s pretty much the best thing in the world after food, sex, and wine) some people just can’t get into it, and that’s totally cool. There are many days when even I don’t feel like doing it or simply don’t have the time to, which is why I constantly find other ways in my busy life to meditate daily. Pretty much anything that tunes out the outside world and your inner voice and allows you to focus on growth while elevating consciousness¬† can be considered meditation

Here are my favorite ways to meditate without actually practicing yoga:

  1. Taking a walk in nature and really focusing on my surroundings
  2. Swimming laps in my outdoor pool
  3. Sitting down to observe my body and how it’s feeling
  4. Taking a bath or going for a dip in my jacuzzi
  5. Going for a float at Pause Float Studio
  6. Writing in my journal
  7. Laying by the beach, closing my eyes, and breathing in the ocean air
  8. Laying down on the grass while looking up at the sky and admiring the beauty of the world we live in

What are your favorite ways to meditate?