The First Step In Attracting Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

With all of this manifesting talk out there these days, it’s easy to get lost in the confusion of how we should attract everything we want into our life. There are so many differing opinions out there, and a lot of us want the “easy” & “fast” way. It’s nice to think that we can just think positively and attract what we want into our life, but in reality that’s not the case. A lot of us are missing the most important step, which is actually doing the WORK to heal until we are in alignment with our highest and best selves. Until we do this, we are never going to fully manifest the life of our dreams.

No one wants to do the work, trust me, I know! It’s painful, exhausting, and down right excruciating at times. No one else can do it for you, and there isn’t some magic pill that will speed up the process. There’s really no way around it other than just doing it. But once you do it and move past it, it will be the most rewarding and amazing thing you will ever do. There is truly no greater feeling than being fully aligned with your truest self and with God. You will start manifesting like crazy and attracting allllll of the things. Most importantly, you will just be genuinely happy and at peace no matter what is going on in your life.

By doing the work I mean healing every part of you within that is preventing you from already receiving all of your blessings; these blessings are already YOURS! You don’t have to beg for them, constantly pray for them, or visualize them into existence. You also can’t fake yourself into being happy and positive and in alignment. You just need to pray to God to help you heal and become the person that is ready to receive them. Sometimes, we have to go through painful experiences and the darkest of times to mold us into the strong, brave, loving, joyful, & successful person we want to be. These experiences are just necessary for our growth, and once we realize this and let God guide us through whatever we’re meant to go through, life just gets better and EASIER.

So how exactly do we heal? We let go of everything that isn’t serving us any longer. We dig deep into the trenches of our childhood traumas and recognize the patterns and cycles and limiting beliefs we’ve been unconsciously carrying around with us for YEARS. We recognize them so we can consciously work on changing them. We sit with our feelings and our traumas instead of running away from them; we feel it so we can heal it.

The recipe for attracting the life of your dreams truly is so simple. Do the work to heal your inner world & keep raising your vibration & getting closer and closer to God. When you heal your inner world your outer world will heal with it. When you raise your vibration you will become a magnet for miracles. When you are one with God and surrender your all to him you’ll be completely unstoppable.

Sending you all of the magical and healing vibes in the world,