Why Saging is Such an Important Part of My Routine

You all probably know by now that I use sage on a weekly, and many times, daily basis. I’ve been doing so for about six months now, and I wanted to share with you all exactly why and how it has effected my spiritual practice in such a profound way!

You are probably familiar with Sage as an herb that can be used to season certain foods, but Sage has been used for thousands of years for smudging. Smudging is the act of burning certain plants to kill any negative energy or get rid of any negative spirits. It is used to create a neutral energy in the area you are in so you can fill the area with positive energy right-after. Sage isn’t the only plant used for smudging, but it is the most common nowadays. It has a very distinct smell when burned, which some people might not like so much, but to me it is such a calming, beautiful smell!

Clearing negative energy is so important for your overall-health and wellness. If you are feeling sad/depressed, just had a fight with your partner, or just cried your eyes out, all of that negative energy can get stuck within yourself or in the room/area this happened in. We all go through periods of negativity, and that’s why it’s important to constantly clear our energy to make room for as much positive energy as possible.

If you are moving into a new home, staying in an air-b-n-b, or staying in a hotel room, I strongly recommend saging the whole house/hotel room before settling in. You never know who was there before you or what kind of energy is lingering in the area, and like I said before, the less negative energy surrounding you, the better!

If you are a crystal user like me (no, NOT meth lol) it is also important to constantly clear out their energy, usually during every full moon. Crystals absorb energy and transmit that energy to whoever is using them, which is why it’s so important to constantly make sure they are only filled with positivity and good vibes. There are many ways to re-charge your crystals, but the easiest way, and my personal favorite, is to smudge them with sage.

I smudge with sage ALL the time, since I immediately feel a sense of peace & calm when doing so. Even just the smell of it calms me down and helps me get through hard times, negative thought patterns, and overthinking. I like to smudge my room & myself before meditating, either before bed or early in the morning; This helps me focus more during meditation and start/end my day with a ton of positive vibes. I also smudge my room after any negative experience I’ve gone through in the area to make sure it doesn’t get stuck there! I take my sage everywhere with me, especially when going on trips, so I can make sure to always be surrounded by positive energy.

Have you used sage for smudging before? How has this experience changed your life? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!