Why It’s So Important To Take Probiotics During the Holidays



I’m sure you all can relate when I say that the holiday months are CRAZY! With all of the family gatherings, gatherings with friends, traveling, and shopping, it seems almost impossible to stick to a normal routine, especially a normal eating and workout routine. I know how hard it is to balance it all, since I usually travel to three or more places just within the months of November/December, and this is exactly why  it’s especially important for me to find easy fixes to my not-the-healthiest diet during these months.

One of my MUST haves during this time of year is an excellent-quality probiotic. Probiotics are amazing for every day of the year, but are especially important to consume during the holiday season, since our gut-health seems to go out of whack from all of the stress, unhealthy foods, and irregular exercise schedules. For those of you who aren’t super familiar with probiotics, they are basically good bacteria that help naturally restore your gut flora and help your gut stay as healthy and balanced as possible. Gut health is directly related to SO many other aspects of our health- mental health, bowel movements, weight, heart health, skin health, immune system…the list goes on and on! Basically, A healthy gut= a healthy you 🙂

During the holiday season, when our diet doesn’t seem to be the greatest and when our stress is at an ultimate high, our gut bacteria can become imbalanced causing weight gain, a slower metabolism, digestive problems, excessive hunger and sugar cravings, depression and anxiety and low energy levels- which is exactly the opposite of what we want to have around this time of the year! Even though it can be tempting to completely abandon our healthy eating habits during November/December until the new year, it’s important to remember that we want to feel good and look good during this crazy time! That’s why making sure our gut health is on point is SO important, and taking an effective probiotic supplement is the first step.

Probiotics are found naturally in many foods, such as sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, yogurt, and kimchi, but it is pretty difficult to consume the right amount needed just from food. As well, since most of us are usually always traveling from place to place during this time of year, having a probiotic supplement that you can easily carry around with you without refrigeration is super important! That’s why I love Silver Fern Brand’s Ultimate Probiotic.

Not only does Silver Fern Brand’s Ultimate Probiotic not have to be refrigerated, which is SOOO convenient, but it contains 5 different strains of bacteria to help restore your gut health! There are so many different strains of bacteria that are important to our gut health, and it’s important to find a probiotic that contains as many as possible to ensure you get the right amount of that specific strain that is needed for YOU! Unlike many other probiotics on the market, all of the five strains present in Silver Fern Brand’s Ultimate Probiotic are DNA verified, pharmaceutical grade, and have a 100% chance of survivability.

I prefer to take my probiotics in a pill form, but for those of you who’d rather not take another capsule (even though you can break these specific capsules in half and pour them into any beverage!), Silver Fern Brand’s also has probiotic drinks mixes that come in various flavors! These drink mixes only contain natural flavors, stevia & monkfruit extract, and probiotics- all ingredients that I 100% approve of! My favorite flavors are the pomegranate blueberry and strawberry mango- soooo yum.

If you’re looking to keep your gut health in balance during this holiday season, and want to try Silver Fern Brand’s Probiotic supplements and drink mixes, you can check them out here: https://www.silverfernbrand.com/




This post was sponsored by Silver Fern Brand. Rachel only promotes products she truly loves and would use herself, and all statements above are true to her own personal opinion.