Tips for Glowing Skin + My Skincare Routine

One thing that people always notice about me when I walk into a room is that my skin is usually glowing! I always get asked how and honestly, the number one most important thing you can do for glowing, healthy skin is have a healthy diet. What goes into your body will always effect the outside, and unfortunately there’s no way around that. A healthy diet is usually the answer for everything, including how to get the skin of your dreams!

A diet high in healthy fats is a must for me. I eat a ton of avocado, nuts, fish, coconut, olive oil, and also take omega 3 or borage oil once a day! I have problems digesting fat so I also take ox bile after meals high in fat to make sure that the fat I’m eating is actually being digested and absorbed by my body. Eating a ton of green veggies and fruits is also super important in order to get that “glow”. I also drink a LOT of water to balance out the green tea and (sometimes) coffee I drink in the morning and sometimes throughout the day. Keeping yourself mega hydrated at all times will prevent your skin from drying out and will also help filter out any toxins you consume throughout the day.

When I start straying away from a healthy diet and eat more sugar, gluten, and dairy than usual I automatically notice the difference in my skin. This also happens to me RIGHT after a night of drinking too much alcohol, which I normally don’t do. It sucks but if you’re body is not happy with your diet, your skin will automatically let you know!

After diet comes stress and hormones; These both play a HUGE role in the health of your skin. I used to live a way more high-stress lifestyle when I started to realize how much it not only affected my mental health, but my appearance as well. Stress leads to brittle nails, thin hair, and horrible skin- just to name a few! The reason why stress is so damaging to our body is because it effects our hormone levels- including cortisol, which is released by our adrenal glands in times of stress. Too much or too little cortisol can lead to sleep disruption, blood sugar imbalances, inflammation, and an increase or decrease in thyroid function, which can all effect the health of the skin. Stress can also effect all of our other hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. If these reproductive hormones are off balance, your skin health will be off balance as well. Too much testosterone and not enough estrogen can lead to oily skin, which causes acne. If your hormones are in balance, and you have just the right amount of estrogen and testosterone, you will have glowing, beautiful skin most of the time! This is why most people on hormonal birth control have beautiful skin, because they are constantly getting extra estrogen released into their bodies; however, I am totally against this unnatural form of hormones (you can read more about why here) which is why I see a naturopath to regulate my hormones naturally. If you struggle with hormonal imbalance, like I do, I highly recommend seeing a naturopath to get the right herbs and diet recommendations to achieve hormonal balance naturally.

My skincare routine contributes a ton to the health of my skin as well. Ever since switching to all-natural, organic products I have seen a HUGE difference. Not only do I have more of a glow but my skin just feels lighter and healthier overall. I like to switch up my routine but I always keep it simple & all natural. Some of my favorite skincare brands include:

  1. Osea Malibu
  2. Juara
  3. Organic to Green
  4. Boscia
  5. Fresh Beauty
  6. Kaeng Rang

I always vary it up and love to try new products but these are currently my main favs!

Like I said, my routine varies and I like to switch it up but on a regular day it looks a little bit like this:

  1. Wake up and wash my face with a charcoal soap bar (I got this from an all-natural soap store in Vegas!)
  2. Apply a face mask for about 10-15 minutes (either Osea’s red algae mask, Boscia’s charcoal mask, or Fresh Beauty’s rose mask)
  3. Wash it off and put on some toner (I love Fresh Beauty’s rose toner or Juara’s tamarind tea Toner) and/or serum (Either Organic to Green’s coconut rose oil, Osea’s undaria algae oil, or Kaeng Rang’s after glow facial serum)
  4. Apply some moisturizer (LOVE Osea’s blemish balm or atmosphere protection cream.I also like Fresh Beauty’s Rose deep hydration face cream)
  5. Then I put on my makeup! I use all-natural makeup ONLY (other than eyeliner or mascara- I don’t care if those are natural or not). My favorite go-to brand is Jane Iredale. Sometimes I’ll use a good primer before putting on my makeup (I love Hourglass veil primer)
  6. I spray some rose hydrating face mist to finish everything off. As you can tell- I LOVE rose anything! So calming and nourishing for the skin.

I hope these tips can help you achieve the skin of your dreams! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below:) xx