Hello world!

Hi everyone! I’m so glad to finally be able to share my new website and blog with the world. I have been working on this for a long time, and it really means a lot to me to be able to share my love of healthy food, fitness, mental health, nutrition, and well being with you all.

It was just about a year ago when I was a scared, anxious, confused, unhealthy, sad, young girl with loads of pain and anxiety from my past. It really is crazy to think how much I’ve changed in such a short amount of time, and for that I am truly blessed and oh so thankful.

There are many other factors that contributed to my healing and growth, such as a ton of support from my loving family and boyfriend, a safe and nurturing environment, and a career change, but the main factor in all of this was definitely the act of deciding to completely immerse myself in the world of health and overall well being.  I truly believe that through the act of eating an abundance of healthy, nourishing foods, generously moving my body 5 times a week, practicing yoga and daily meditation, changing my mindset to a more positive one, learning to love myself, gradually learning what diet works best for my body, surrounding myself with only positive people, cleansing my body of toxins and balancing my gut with the help of a naturopath, focusing my energy on what I love to do without caring what others think, learning how to slowly let go of fear, and learning more about a topic that I love so much has truly helped me heal and become the strong, healthy, positive, passionate person that I am today.

Too many people in our world today suffer from a mental or physical illness that can easily be treated through natural methods, and I believe that my purpose in life is to help people do so. Life is too short to spend any of it feeling unhealthy, miserable, depressed, anxious, scared, or confused, and I hope that through sharing my personal story, healthy recipes, fitness tips, the latest information in the world of nutrition and health, tips on how to stay mindful and calm at all times, and my knowledge on nutrition (which I am currently studying in school), I can help you make at least one small step towards the happy, healthy, beautiful life you were meant to live!

Much love always




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