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Interview with Britt Martin of FitBrittNutrition



brittBritt Martin started FitBrittNutrition almost a year ago to inspire others to live a healthy life and to build cliental as she was going through holistic nutrition school. Before she decided to follow her passion for nutrition, Britt had gotten her degree in Communications and was in a corporate career for almost 4 years that she was not feeling fulfilled in. She finally decided to take the leap of faith and turn her passion for nutrition into a career. Britt has been enrolled in Bauman College’s Holistic Nutrition program for almost a year now, and has a little over a year of the program left. Britt hopes her own path inclines you to follow your heart and respond to your true passions.

What made you want to study Nutrition?

Since my late teens I was always health-conscious, but it wasn’t until my last few years of college that I really started to get interested in the science behind nutrition and began to read books related to nutrition and health- like The China Study. It’s funny, throughout our school years we are never taught the connection of science to nutrition and the direct correlation it plays on one’s health. I want to teach my clients not only how to eat healthy, but how to LOVE eating healthy, and help them realize that through nutrition they can transform their bodies, how they feel and their overall life.

What do you eat on a daily basis (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks)?

I usually switch it up from day to day to get a variety of nutrients, but a typical day would include something like this:

A warm glass of lemon water to wake up my digestive system right when I wake up, followed by my signature Green Energy Smoothie (recipe can be found on my Instagram account), and after a good morning workout I might have scrambled, pastured eggs with spinach, tomato, and avocado or overnight oats.

For lunch, I usually will have some type of giant salad with whatever greens I’m eating that week (I try to rotate my greens). My favorite salad ingredients right now are quinoa, tomato, cucumber, beets, purple cabbage, carrots and olives, plus homemade hummus, sauerkraut and sometimes a homemade or store bought veggie patty (depending how hungry I am), lately I’ve been crushing hard on these patties from Hilary’s Eat Well. They have nothing, but clean ingredients.

A mid-day snack may be an apple with cinnamon and possibly some nut butter (depending on my hunger-level), or a protein shake. I love the Garden of Live raw, plant-based Protein and Greens vanilla powder. I’ll blend it with homemade nut-milk, a frozen banana, and either nut-butter, cacao, and/or kale….Whatever I’m in the mood for. I always try to listen to what my body is telling me it needs.

Dinner is sometimes a plant-based meal, and other times wild salmon with cauliflower mash, broccoli, and brown rice with tahini.

And sometimes I have dessert, which may be a 1-2 oz. piece of dark or raw chocolate or a few bliss balls, other times it’s just a cup of Tulsi tea- I love unwinding with a cup of warm teaJ

What’s your philosophy on food and health?

I focus on a balanced, healthy lifestyle. I don’t count calories or restrict myself. Instead I focus on feeding my body the best foods possible, so that it is able to thrive and do all of the amazing things it does day in and day out for me. I don’t believe in diets or cheat meals. I don’t think we should ever associate eating (a human necessity) with cheating. Cheating automatically brings on feelings of guilt. I’ll have a “Splurge Meal” 1-2 x a week, which is essentially a meal that’s still overall healthy, but probably not something I’d eat everyday….like pizza, or a loaded veggie burger, for example. If you make your splurge meals at home you have control over the ingredients and can still make them healthy. Your body is going to feel so much better after a homemade pizza vs. a pizza from a chain pizza-joint.

What’s your favorite workout?

So many…from HIIT, yoga, and roller skating to body or weight training, but if I had to choose just one I’d have to say hiking. It’s such a great workout for not only my body, but mind too. I love being able to disconnect, and spend time outside with nature. I hike every weekend, and my favorite hikes are early morning, sunrise hikes. It just sets the tone for the whole day.

What’s your favorite health restaurant in LA?

Again, there are so many! I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by an abundant of healthy food options, even when I don’t feel like cooking and want to eat out. I think it would be a tie between Cafe Gratitude and Sun Cafe. I’ve been eating Cafe Gratitude since it first opened in LA, (and now they have 3 restaurants out here!). My favorites are their “I am Dazzling” vegan Caesar salad and “I am Magical” black bean burger. My bf actually introduced me to Sun Cafe back when we first started dating. He told me they were voted the BEST (vegan) shake in LA, and let me tell you, those shakes are literally the best EVER. I switch back and forth between their kale and cacao flavored one. It’s my weekly splurge. I’ve tried recreating them at home, and they just do not come close to the real deal. And don’t get me started on their lettuce leaf tacos and nachos! I finally just recently ventured out and tried something different off of Sun Cafe’s menu, their raw fiesta burger, and it was also incredible. I’ve been meaning to try their brunch menu….I’d eat at Sun Cafe every day if I could.

What food can you not live without?

Pastured organic eggs. They are SO nutritious, and such a good source of clean protein. Besides whey, our bodies are able to absorb and use the most protein from eggs compared to other protein-rich foods. I love that they keep me full and satisfied. I scramble mine in coconut oil on low heat, and stir frequently. Then I add some pink Himalayan sea salt, nutritional yeast, and black pepper. SO good. I probably could also not live without oats, avocado, cacao, and greens!

Fav quote/motto you relate to nutrition and fitness and that you live by?

Fav quote: “Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it”

The motto I live by: Eat clean, sweat every day, love your body, and practice balance.

What do you love about nutrition?

That it has a direct effect on our health and how we feel. That we can transform and heal ourselves just by eating the right foods. It’s incredible.

What’s your advice to anyone struggling to eat healthy?

Ditch the fad diet, and focus on living a healthy lifestyle instead…start by changing one habit at a time, start reading food labels and get familiar with the ingredients you are putting into your body. Forgive yourself and practice self-love.

What’s your dream career in the nutrition world?

I’d LOVE to write health articles for a big fitness/health magazine. Besides that, have my own wellness center and/or café. Really, there is SO much I want to do, but as long as I am inspiring others to live healthier lives, I am happy.


Golden Milk Smoothie Bowl

by Britt Martin

  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1.5 frozen banana
  • 1 pitted date
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp organic turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • Cinnamon, seasoned to taste
  • Dash of black pepper and nutmeg

Blend and pour into a bowl and top with your favorite smoothie bowl toppings like chia seeds, goji berries and more!




Check out Britt’s blog: here!  and follow her on instagram: @fitbrittnutrition





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